Discover May-August Birthstone

In the last article, we have discovered the birthstone for those who were born in January until April. Now the time has come to discover the birthstone for those who were born in May until August. Check it out!


May – Emerald
Emerald is synonymous to green since ancient times. Similar to Aquamarine, Emerald is one of the members of beryl family. It is a birthstone for those who were born in May. This birthstone was one of Cleopatra favorite gems and it represent wisdom, growth, and patience.


May Birtstone
May Birthstone

June – Pearl
Pearl is a birthstone for people who were born in June. Fun fact about pearls that they are only gems found within living creatures, both salt and freshwater mollusks. Most pearls nowadays are cultivated or cultured, since they now occur extremely rarely in nature. June’s birthstone is usually associated with good fortune, abundance, humility, purity, chastity, love, and innocence.


June Birthstone
June Birthstone

July – Ruby
July people, check out Habib Jewels to shop for Ruby birthstone this month! Rubeus came from Latin words for red and if you are lucky to born on July, Ruby is your birthstone! Did you know that one of the most famous locations for rubies is the Mogok Valley in Burma, known for its deep blood red coloured rubies. Ruby is known to represent life and blood and is known to increase courage. Historically, warriors in Burma would implant rubies into their skin before battle for protection and courage on the battlefield.


July Birthstone
July Birthstone

August – Peridot
If you were born in August, peridot is your lucky birthstone! The history behind the name possibly came from two sources, first it possibly derived from Arab words faridat or Greek words peridona. Peridot birthstone symbolizes strength. This birthstone has a green vibrant glow and commonly it can be found in mafic igneous rocks such as basalt, gabbro, and peridotite. Peridot often found along divergent plate boundaries and hot spots such as Hawaii and according to Hawaiian folklore, peridot symbolizes the tears of the volcano goddess, Pele.


August Birthstone
August Birthstone

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